Miracle Missions Full Gospel Church

The Miracle Missions Full Gospel Church is dedicated to expanding the Lord's Territory through its ministries that are designed to uplift and educate our community. Here are a few of Miracle Missions Full Gospel Church's ministries that we welcome you to participate in:

Devotion/Praise Team
    Sis. Yolanda Goosby
    Kailynn Jarrett

Women's Ministry (Sister's Going Beyond the Ordinary)
   Sis. Karen Hargrove

 Sis. Samantha Tyler

Youth Ministry
  1st Lady Zandra Lewis
   Sis. Brenda Cash
   Sis. Sarita Barnes
   Bro. Wane Barnes 

Health  Ministry
  Sis. Karen Hargrove

Daughters of Promise
  1st Lady Zandra Lewis, District Director