Miracle Missions Full Gospel Church

Our Mission

Habakkuk 2:2-3

To work diligently with determination and assurance to win and cultivate souls for the kingdom from all populations, creating a community of believers who love God.  Love Themselves, and Love God's People, by developing ministries that are beneficial to the Church and Community helping all to move from brokenness to wholeness of Mind, Body, and Soul, through the spreading of the gospel message of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ!

Our Vision

I see a branch of the body of Christ being raised up in the midst of a poverty-stricken community, where life seems lifeless and hope seems hopeless.

I see a mighty move of God in this community offering life to the lifeless and hope to the hopeless and freedom to the bound.

I see a church ministering to the unsaved, broken people, teaching them how to love God as well as themselves and to love God's people. 

I see repenting, rejoicing, being refreshed, full of worship and praise, exercising spiritual gifts, loving and living the Gospel. 

I see witnesses ministering to thousands and hundreds joining this community of praise to help strengthen the physical and social needs of the church. 

I see a worship center able to seat thousands and minister to their social and spiritual needs.

I see an administration building holding it all together. 

I see God pleased as his church works toward his purpose, in doing so the church becomes healthy and gains movement from God.