Miracle Missions Full Gospel Church

"Be like a light that shines in the darkness,
Let your love and care
for those around you be so strong
that others are drawn to you
to find out your source of strength and happiness."


Dr. James A. Lewis III, Senior Pastor is a dynamic person who is steadfast in his quest to be more like "Jesus."  He is dedicated to the church and the community, which he considers to be a responsibility of the church.  Reaching out to the community, being a part of the revitalization and most importantly by restoring hope to all people.  To his members he lends the concern and guidance necessary to help lift them out of despair and into a new life with Christ.

He is currently the pastor of the Miracle Missions Full Gospel Church.  Dr. James A. Lewis III is also the Director of Pastoral Care for the Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo, New York.   During his tenure he has implemented several programs beneficial to both the church and the community.   Recently, he made a BOLD move to leave the African Methodist Episcopal Conference to step out on faith to form the new "Miracle Missions Full Gospel Church".  We thank God the we "FINALLY GOT OUR OWN CHURCH" hope you will worship with us at 406 Sycamore.

Pastor Lewis is a man that takes his ministry seriously, being committed to true Christian Fellowship.  He has a strong belief in worshipping with all that are willing to praise the Lord!.  He is welcomed in many churches of various affiliations in the area being well know as a kind, loving minister, unafraid to go where others dare not; reaching out to those suffering from various addictions, HIV/AIDS, or simply recovering from a difficult life.

James A. Lewis III, pastor, husband to Zandra Lewis, counselor; businessman, father and friend, is a living testimony to what the power of God has already done.  Steadfast in encouraging all to come, taste, and see what the Lord has done!  His personal motto is ... "If He did it for me, He'll do it for You!!"